What is Partner Support?

MOSystems provides an enhanced level of service for our IT Partners, while continuing to leverage standard support channels.


Create a single point of contact for our IT Partners to utilize for the following:

  • Escalate issues
    work to resolve technical or process issues, when traditional paths are ineffective.
  • Provide feedback
    across MOSystems about improvements when traditional paths are ineffective, where appropriate.

Goals, What Partner Support is planning to provide:

  • Channels of communication directly to Partner Support such as phone, chat and email for partners to use.
  • Ensure business continuity for our partner, by providing a robust IT infrastructure and proactively addressing upcoming issues.
  • Consulting services about possible IT solutions to address emerging business needs.
  • Grow and facilitate meaningful relationships with ALL our partners such that we are connected to their business and them to us.

Outcomes, What are we going to achieve:

  • Improved satisfaction of our customers through less escalations to Executive Leadership, thanks to direct support.
  • Reduced outage durations through more timely communications with our partners during events.
  • Unobstructed day to day business continuity, so our partner can focus on his business.
  • Increased customer satisfaction through improved processes.

Process - How to interact with Partner Support?
Incoming Communication

Several modes of communication will be utilized with Partner support for initiating contact, including:

  • Phone - Dedicated phone number provided to Partner Leadership after initial meeting and/or during routine MOSystems meetings.
  • Email - Dedicated email address provided to Partners for less urgent needs.
  • Chat - Individual chat with Partner Support staff when a less formal communication is needed.

Process - How to interact with Partner Support?
Outgoing Communication

Partner support's primary means of communication will always be direct - either by phone or in-person.

Additional communication may be provided as follows (when necessary):

  • Direct one-on-one emails.
  • Mailing List for sharing changes or updates.