CheckVAT is a free tool that can check multiple VAT numbers at once for you.

Copy or type the VAT numbers, making sure there is only one on each line and then press the Check button.
The easier way to do this is to copy your VAT numbers directly from a spreadsheet.

CheckVAT will then perform the following checks on the provided numbers:

  • Make sure the provided number does not contain any invalid characters. Whitespace as well as dashes (-) will be ignored.
  • Check the VAT number using an algorithm for each country.
  • Try to guess the country if it is not provided (i.e. EL999999999 clearly states the country where 999999999 does not).
  • After it passes the algorithm check, it queries the VIES system for validity as well as name and address.
  • Finally you can click the export button under the results to download a file with them.